Payments made on time, every time.

  All your HMRC, Pension and other obligations carried out on your behalf

  Tailored payroll processing with the best Customer Service in our industry

   Over 60 years of experience within our Bureau


Value To You

  • Time Saving
  • Cost Efficient
  • Flexible Solutions
  • User-Friendly software

Operating the payroll for your staff can be complex and time consuming. The endless HMRC processes, Pension Auto-Enrolment, attachment of earnings orders and other statutory tasks take time to complete.
We can operate your payroll whether you have two or two thousand members of staff. Furthermore, MP Payroll Solutions will give you the assurance that your staff will accurately receive the correct amount of money on time, every time. In addition, all HMRC and other payroll related tasks will be performed on your behalf.
We are a BACS approved, CIPP accredited, GDPR compliant payroll bureau who are also backed up with the ISO 27001 accreditation. This means that your data is always kept confidential and secure.
The best part about using our service is that our software can be fully integrated. Remove the burden of your payroll and utilise our accurate payroll bureau. Our Workforce Management Solution will allow you to easily manage your employees. If you are a start up or small business, we also have a tailored solution for you.

Customer Testimonials

The MP Payroll services have been invaluable to Bofin’s growth.  Solutions is an incredible HR and Payroll service provider. We have also been immensely impressed by their efficient and helpful communications. MP Payroll have truly gone beyond the call of duty in order to ensure Bofin’s needs are being met.
Michiel Schrama
Bofin Co-Founder

Pertemps Medical employs many hundreds of staff in the medical sector. The business has a constantly changing workforce with many starters and leavers each month. Operating our payroll is a complex business. We have been working with MP Payroll Solutions since 2017. Their professional staff deliver a service which always meets Pertemps requirements and the accuracy and timely delivery of their payroll service ranks amongst the top few within the industry. They allow us the flexibility of ensuring that no temp goes unpaid even if we fail to process the timesheets on time. Together we operate a ‘no blame’ culture to ensure that the temps experience is never affected. We have found them responsive to our need and their expert knowledge of employment and tax legislation is always up to date and effectively communicated. I am very pleased to recommend the services of MP Payroll Solutions to any business.
Daren Reisman
Pertemps Medical Managing Director
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