HR Documents

Everything you need to keep you, your staff, and your business covered

  Instant access to hundreds of template HR documents, covering all aspects of managing staff

   Written by experienced HR professionals to give you peace of mind

   Pricing from under £25 per year - saving you masses of time and money on HR compliance

  Plain English and minimal legalese making them easy to use

  50% saving on all membership levels

Value to you

The 50% discount will save you up to £75 off the retail price - but the savings compared to using a HRprofessional,or even worse falling foul of HR or H&S regulations, could be thousands

Most businesses have no choice but to employ people, but with employment comes a whole array of things you'll need to deal with... recruitment, contracts, pay changes, grievances, disciplinaries, annual reviews, data protection, pensions auto-enrollment, absence, dismissals etc.

Docs Wizard is designed to support you through all these employment issues (and headaches?) - our aim is to not only ensure you have easy and cost-effective access to legally compliant and fully editable documents, but also to provide you with templates that can easily be tailored to reflect the unique culture of your business and demonstrate the value you place in your people and your reputation.

Legal letters have a tendency to inflame situations - all too often, their curt, abrupt and often threatening style seldom doesn’t do anyone any favours - but it doesn’t have to be that way. These templates have been designed to allow you to choose the tone that’s most appropriate to the situation - and that’s most likely to minimise, rather than escalate, conflict and legal headaches as a result!

The team behind Docs Wizard has been supporting clients with day-to-day issues for over 15 years. They have created hundreds of employment contracts, forms, policies, letters and even a number of video clips to give you greater understanding of issues you might face as an employer.

And they don’t leave you high and dry either like some other template document services. All documents you have worked on can be re-uploaded to get them legally checked and customer service comes in the form of a person rather than robot.

All documents on Docs Wizard are designed by real people who understand from their own experience how emotional and stressful staff management can be at times. They are created for real businesses with real everyday issues. At this cost it’s a steal as these documents can massively reduce your legal/HR costs, save you days of time, and help you avoid a whole load of blood, sweat and tears. That’s what’s known as a win/win so grab this opportunity now while it’s here!

For instant access to hundreds of template HR documents or for more information, just press the button above and you will be directed to a dedicated page on the Docs Wizard website. If you opt for the Premium Membership you will automatically receive a discounted price as part of your Smart Advantage Programme.

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