Free Legal Advice

Professional advice when you need it most


  Access to free advice on any commercial legal issue

 Can be used by all your staff

 15-minute consultation on any new issue

 Expert professional advice to give peace of mind

 Discounted legal support packages if required

Value to you

The average cost of acquiring legal advice from a solicitor in the UK is £250 per hour.

This benefit is a great way to have the peace of mind that professional advice is on hand when needed; without breaking the bank.

Ever had a threatening letter come through the post that you don’t know how to deal with? Have you had situations where you’d have liked to get some reassurance or qualified opinion but didn’t want the costs involved with speaking to a solicitor?

Prevention is always better than cure which is why included within your advantage benefits you, and all your staff, can have access to legal advice. For any new issue you can receive professional advice from expert lawyers on any commercial legal issue affecting your business.

It’s a free 15 minute consultation with the right expert for you. Got a question about health and safety, staff disciplinary, tax or a customer dispute? Pick up the phone and get some initial expert advice at NO COST.
It's like having your very own lawyer in your pocket.

Need more than just some quick advice? Check out our discounted fixed price plans with Lawbite here
LawBite recently conducted a YouGov survey to establish the cost to SMEs of not taking care of their legal business and the risks they take as a result. They interviewed 1,000 SMEs in the UK and the results were then analysed by the Centre of Economics and Business Research (CEBR). You can watch the video here
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