Breach of Mortgage Contracts

Over 750,000 mortgage holders are owed money from over-charges.
Are you one of them?


 No-win no-fee service

 Financial Conduct Authority estimates that at least 750,000 mortgages have been incorrectly charged

 You could be owed thousands of pounds.

Value To You

Due to miscalculations by lenders, anyone who has held a mortgage could be owed thousands of pounds. Find out if you have a claim – FOR FREE! 

At least 750,000 mortgage holders are owed money from over-charges. Are you one of them? 

The Financial Conduct Authority found that there are many factors which have led to borrowers paying too much interest or having incorrect charges and fees applied to their mortgage.

It does not imply bad faith or poor conduct on behalf of your lender. Often it’s simply the result of following rules which were themselves wrong or using incorrect calculations due to the variable conditions of the market.

The difficult part is proving how much money should have been paid and how much is owed. But not anymore. We're working with Paget Brown UK, who have developed software which offers rapid and exact assessments of any mortgage, no matter how complex.

They'll survey your mortgage and highlight any errors, this will then show exactly what you should have paid in comparison to what you have actually paid. Then they'll take the evidence to the lender and apply for you to get your money back.

They work on a no win no fee basis, just hit the button to get the ball rolling.
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