Have You Ever Been Refused PPI…?

A new Plevin case law means you can apply again 

 No-win no-fee service

 Eligible for anyone who has had a previous PPI claim refused

 New ruling means you can claim 100% of commision charged

Value To You

The amount any individual can claim will vary, but it can easily reach well into the thousands of pounds. 

It's unlikely that you've managed to miss the ongoing PPI scandal, with banks and other financial institutions having to pay out millions. But you may not have heard of Plevin, which means you could be missing out.

What is Plevin? 

Plevin is not PPI.

Plevin is the secret commission that banks attached to your PPI insurance policy without notifying you. It was a payment to themselves or their broker, which has been added to your insurance premium.

It's based on a 2014  court case which reached the Supreme Court. It involved a woman called Susan Plevin. While making a claim for PPI miss-selling against her lender, she discovered a new problem in the PPI scandal which is now called the Plevin Commission.

In this case the insurance cost £1,630, and the lender attached secret commission of £4,150 without notifying Mrs. Plevin. Thus the commission was 71.8% of what Mrs. Plevin had to pay.

Can I claim Plevin? 

You can only claim Plevin if you have previously had an unsuccessful miss-selling claim. It is likely that if you took out a PPI policy, you have been charged a Plevin Commission, and therefore you are entitled to your money.

As part of your advantage benefits we're working with Paget Brown UK solicitors, who are experts in Plevin. They'll work on a no win no fee basis to investigate your claim. Just hit the button to get the ball rolling. 
To get the process started just hit the button below to be taken to a dedicated page on the Paget Brown UK site.

From there you just provide them with a few details and sign a letter of authority. They can get started on the hard work behind the scenes to reclaim your money!
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