Shredding Services

Keep GDPR compliant with secure document shredding services for offices & home

 GDPR requirement – using an unsecure bin is a breach

 Low cost solutions for home & office

 Secure consoles with regular office collections for just £195 p/a

 Free console delivery through your advantage benefits

 Sack packages for home workers from £30

Value To You

Identity destruction offer a market leading service at a rock bottom price. The real value comes from ensuring your GDPR compliant – as the fines for security breach could cripple a business

The recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act has affected the way all UK businesses must store confidential paperwork within the workplace.
Using an open and unsecure bin, sack, or box is now in breach of security – which comes with a risk of potentially massive fines.
We’re working with identity destruction to provide you with secure, lockable consoles to keep your paperwork locked down, prior to collection and shredding, to enable your workplace to be GDPR compliant.
There’s a range of consoles, all at unbeatable prices, and collection schedules to fit in with your needs.
Working from home? 
If your able to store your waste documents securely at a home office then identity destruction also offer a sack based collection service for secure shredding. Packages start from just £30 for 5 sacks and collection is whenever suits you – so that could last you a month, a year, or more!
Why run the risk of falling foul of the new regulations? Speak to someone at identity destruction today to find out how they can help keep you compliant.
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